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Interesting Tenganan Village Life and Cultural

Written By Irwan Fimanto on Monday, September 24, 2012 | 1:30 AM

Tenganan Village or known as Tenganan Pegeringsingan , is one of Bali Aga village in Bali Island. The life of its people reflects cultural and customs of Bali Aga Village (pre-Hindu). So its different from other villages in Bali Island.

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Tenganan Pegeringsingan Village is located in District Manggis-Karangasem Bali. About 17 km away from Amlapura City ( the district capital of Karangasem Regency),  5 km from the Candidasa tourist area,  and about 65 km from Denpasar city.

As cultural tourism village, Tenganan village has many unique and interesting peculiarities to be seen and understood. From the social system that was developed that the people of Tenganan Village are consists of a native village, because this is  the mating system adopted that a parental system which men
and women in the family have the same degree and eligible heirs.

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This differs from the kinship system adopted by the general community in Bali. Besides, they also embrace endogamy system where local people bound in "awig awig" (customary law) that requires marriages to fellow the villagers of Tenganan, because if violated then citizens are not allowed to become etiquette (people) villages, meaning that he had to get out of the village of Tenganan.

What is the uniqueness of Tenganan Village?

Another attraction that owned by the Tenganan Village is tradition ritual that called Mekaré-kare or better known as "pandan war". Mekaré-kare is the top part of the procession of the ceremony that was held at Ngusaba Sambah each in June that lasted for 30 days.

During the first month, Mekaré-kare lasts 2-4 times and each time it was held to be presented offerings to the ancestors. Mekaré-kare or "pandan war" followed the men, children, and old people too. As the name implies, it is a means by which the pandan leaves cut along about ± 30 cm as a weapon, and then a shield that serves to fend off opponents from pandanus thorns lighter. Wounds caused by thorns lighter pandan combination with the bidder will be made from the herb tubers, such as galangal, turmeric, and others.

Mekaré-kare is essentially the same meaning with the usual red drum ceremony performed by Hindus in Bali when hold religious ceremonies. In the ceremony of Mekaré-kare is always accompanied by the typical "tetabuhan"(traditional musical instruments) of Tenganan village, or it called Gamelan Selonding.

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