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Written By Irwan Fimanto on Saturday, February 16, 2013 | 10:23 PM

Krisna Bali Store is a store that offers many variety typical products of Balinese ,exciting form of diverse design the T-Shirt cartoons about Bali that produced by it self, which unique, funny and interesting that there is no place else. In addition there are also snacks in Krishna, handicrafts, bed cover, knick knacks, handbags creations, silver, paintings, sculpture, woven and many products of the craftsmen in Bali.

krisna bali store

The product prices in krisna Bali is not much different from other places, like in Sukawati Market. Originally, Krisna Bali souvenirs located at Jalan Nusa Indah, Denpasar. But along with the success of the business, it opened a souvenir Krisna Bali again at Nusa Kambangan Road and at Jalan Sunset Road. Krisna Bali souvenirs at Jalan Sunset Road Kuta-Legian, is the most easy to access because it pretty close to the Bali Airport. So before returning to the airport, we can stop by first purchasing souvenirs there.

Regarding the price, all
souvenirs and goods sold in Krisna Bali are priced fitting or not negotiable. If compared with the prices to be had on the sidewalk, perhaps prices in Bali Krisna gift a little more expensive because usually when bidding on the pavement depending on the buyer, whether expert or can't bid. If the experts could bid on items that can only narrow margin with very low price. But if you lazy to bid, just deal with the seller. In Krisna Bali the souvenirs are priced reasonable without appeal.

krisna bali shop

In addition, because in Krisna Bali is a large building, there are air-conditioner and have facilities and a food court chairs for husbands who are usually just taking his wife shopping, it is more convenient than shopping in the street that while hot. And finally, because almost all kinds of souvenirs in Krisna Bali souvenirs, then we do not need to be moved around the place to buy various kinds of souvenirs Bali. Krisna Bali gift is a one-stop shopping spot. So do not forget, if you holiday in Bali obligatory stop at the Krisna Bali souvenirs.

Krisna Bali construction begins thinking ideas Gusti Ngurah Anom Cok owner confection with a view blemish existing market share, on May 16, 2007 Krisna Bali was established.
The first management of Krisna Bali is under Cok Confection Management that was located in Jalan Nusa Indah number 79, Denpasar-Bali, stood up, and then developed to date.

krisna bali

The facility was currently available in
Krisna Bali like parking area, places to eat and drink, waiting place for driver, etc..

If you want to visit Krisna Bali to buy typical souvenirs of Bali, it was takes about 15 minutes with the distance about 10 km drive from Denpasar City.

Vacation to the Bali Island was by no means that without the typical Bali, so not to be missed to come to Krisna Bali.
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