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Trunyan Village Bali

Written By Irwan Fimanto on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 | 3:01 AM

Trunyan Village is located on the edge of lake Batur which has a height about 1036 meters above the sea level. Trunyan Village is part of the tourist area which includes in district Kintamani-Bangli. It was approximately 4 miles from Penelokan or about 72 km from Denpasar City. To get to the Trunyan village we could use a boat and also we can traverse on the inadequate roads along the coastal shores of Lake Batur. Trunyan is one of the Bali Aga villages (Bali Mula) which has a  very specific tradition and different from the others traditional villages in Bali Island

trunyan village bali

The other of Bali Aga Villages in Bali is Sembiran village, Cempaga village , Sidetapa village, Pedawa village , Tigawasa village in district Buleleng , Sukawana village  in Bangli, and Tenganan village in Karangasem Regency.

Trunyan community has unique traditions like the "open funeral" or in Balinese it called Mepasah. The dead people were not buried like the custom of other people in Bali, but the bodies are placed on the cemetery area that called "Sema" with held a ceremony in certain place apart from the village,so to achieve the Sema they must be use a boat. Weirdest thing of this tradition is the corpses were placed on the graveyard (Sema) wasn't emit a foul odor. According to the villagers of Trunyan, stench of the corpse is removed or eliminated by Taru tree in the Sema area. So that uniqueness makes Trunyan Village attracts many tourists to see Mepasah traditions.

trunyan bali tomb

Trunyan people feel more happy when they called the descent people of Bali Mula, because they believe that their ancestors came from the sky down to the earth and then lowers the current people of Trunyan. In the village there is a mythology which tell the story about their ancestors were a goddess from heaven that comes down to earth being sent from heaven while looking for the source of aroma (a good smell). Then the goddess miraculously pregnant because her uterus is fertilized by the sun god. From that pregnancy were born twin children, one being a sissy and the other one is a woman. 

trunyan village view

When she was an adult the women children was married to a son of the king of Solo (Java) who came to Bali to find the source of the aroma because it was emitted to the Java Island. From the results of these marriages were lower the Trunyan villagers now. Then after death they made ​​the supreme deity worshiped by the Trunyan. The Son of King Solo was worshiped as "Ratu Sakti Pancering Jagat" and the goddess was worshiped as "Ratu Ayu Pingit Dalem Dasar"..

trunyan kintamani bali

In the Trunyan village there are megalithic relics in form a statue of "Ratu Sakti Pancering Jagat" that serve as worship for Trunyan the community . The statue was originally found is small, which gradually getting bigger. From this mythology, the name Trunyan origin comes from "Taru Menyan" and from word "Turun Hyang" which eventually became TRUNYAN.

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